Our updated Buzz on Buzzwords report revealed that the “Big Three” buzzwords — green, sustainable and eco-friendly — continue to play well with U.S. consumers, despite being notoriously hard to pin down with a definition.

That inspired us to ask something new in this year’s Eco Pulse®. We surveyed people in 12 countries to better understand how they conceptualize an “eco-friendly” person and find out how local values should influence companies’ sustainability communications.

After all, every individual looks at the world — and your brand — through a lens shaped by their culture and country. Your company’s words can be translated from one language to another. But do you know whether your sustainability story will resonate in different locations?

In this report, you’ll learn…

  • What it means to be an “eco-friendly person” across the world
  • How cultural values influence local sustainability care-abouts
  • How concern about inflation opens the door for your sustainability messaging
  • How (and where) brands should apply these insights to tell your story — especially around recyclingsustainable product benefits, and climate action

Download your free Cultures, Countries & Your Sustainability Story report today for important global insights into how you should be talking about sustainability.

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