In 2015, we published Buzz on Buzzwords, the first report to show exactly what Americans think when brands talk about sustainability, what the words around sustainability mean to them, and how their understanding can, and should, shape brands’ communications.

A lot has changed in seven years. Some of it very surprising.

This update to Shelton Group’s most downloaded report, Buzz on Buzzwords, has the latest research data and insights for brands on the evolution of understanding and attitudes towards the vocabulary used for sustainability topics.

In the report, we take a look at the language around the green movement and:

  • Check in on “the Big Three” to see where they stand in the public’s opinion today
  • Revisit popular jargon to see how comprehension and attitudes have evolved
  • Examine new and emerging words and how they are understood by varying demographics
  • And unravel what age has to do with it all

This new research shows Americans are getting more engaged; at the same time, their skepticism around certain words and phrases is growing. This means it’s critical that corporations know what words to use to reach their ideal audience, build trust and remain competitive.

Download your Buzz on Buzzwords report today for important insights into how you should be talking about sustainability.


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