Challenge: Water conservation and scarcity is an increasingly pressing issue. A major manufacturer and retailer approached us about helping people appreciate the value of water as a way to drive the sale of water conserving products. We knew from our ongoing market insights work that the bigger problem to solve was one of obliviousness: people don’t even realize they’re wasting water

Objective: Convince consumers to stop wasting water.


How we solved it:

Assess: After a deep dive into our ongoing Pulse survey data, we discovered that two-thirds of Americans were concerned about freshwater supplies, but they weren’t actually acting on that concern. In the moment of using water—brushing their teeth, washing their car, etc—they didn’t realize when they crossed the line from using water to wasting it.

Prescribe: In order to hit home the moment when using water becomes wasting water, we focused our creative on those specific, relatable scenarios. While wasting water is a serious topic, by using humor we were able to motivate behavior change by shifting people out of their auto-pilot, water-wasting habits to conscious (and smarter) choices.

Plan: Leveraging those insights and our behavior change strategy, we developed a PSA campaign called “Wasting Water Is Weird.” The campaign featured a character named Rip the Drip, who showed up when people were unknowingly wasting water and made that moment so awkward, no one could forget it.

Launch: The campaign included online videos, TV, outdoor, digital ads, and social media outreach from Rip, all driving to our website to learn more about the issue and the work of the partner brands to address it.

Results: Overall, the campaign racked up 432 million impressions. It drew attention to our partner brands’ sustainability stories. And 29% of consumers who saw the campaign said it caused them to change their water usage habits.