Challenge: 90% of homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, which means up to 40% of the energy used to heat and cool a home leaks through tiny holes, gaps, and cracks. That’s a lot of energy waste.

Objective: Motivate consumers to air seal their homes.

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How we solved it:

Assess: We leveraged Shelton Group’s proprietary insights to develop two target consumer profiles, considering each segment’s knowledge of air sealing and factors that would encourage or inhibit them from air sealing their home. The key insight: it’s not about saving money – it’s about comfort…and avoiding the ick factor of critters and creatures crawling in through all those tiny cracks and holes.

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Prescribe: Using those insights, we created a strategic communications construct with the value proposition “See it. Feel it. Seal it.” This acted not only as a strategic positioning and rallying sentiment, but also a motivating call-to-action.

Plan: Using the construct as a strategic foundation and inspiration, we created a cross-channel campaign featuring a talking spokes-seal (with an ambiguous Northern European accent, of course!) to convince people of the benefits of sealing those holes, gaps, and cracks.

Launch: The campaign included social content and digital ads driving people to a website with education, tips, how to’s, etc. The website encouraged visitors, providing them with everything they needed to know in order to air seal their homes, with our quirkily charming seal walking them through every step.

Results: The campaign generated considerable engagement, reducing our cost per view and delivering significantly more views for our budget. Using ongoing campaign data, we optimized along the way, resulting in a 79% video ad completion rate and 9.7% video click-through-rate on Instagram and Facebook, with 52K people visiting the website during the short 3-month campaign period to learn more about air sealing.