More and more Americans are putting their wallets where their values are. How are they deciding which companies make the cut?

Good works. And we can prove it.

Americans buy brands (or those brands’ competitors) based not just on corporate behavior, but on how that behavior is perceived.

Everyone has a voice today, and the court of public opinion never rests. Just as your good deeds are a great way to earn consumers’ loyalty, your missteps can lose their favor even faster.

So how do you protect your bottom line and safeguard your reputation, all while making the world a better place? Well, good works. That’s the simple truth, and as you’ll learn in this report, Shelton Group has the research to back it up.

You’ll also learn how your brand can apply our insights to share your good stories in ways that captivate the public’s passion – so you can gain a market advantage.

After you read the report, we’d love to get your comments or questions and hear about your brand’s experience. We’re here to help you unlock insights that will enable your brand to navigate today’s sustainability issues and craft communications that will more favorably position your brand.