Home energy efficiency is at a standstill.

Our latest survey of 2,000+ Americans shows some of the lowest numbers we’ve ever seen for energy conservation activities and energy-efficient improvements at home. One thing is clear: that savings messaging isn’t working. We need a strong emotional driver to motivate Americans to act – and it may be time for a totally new approach.

In This Report You’ll Learn:

  • Why savings messaging has led us down the wrong path and how to fix it
  • What Americans really believe about environmental hot-button issues
  • How people react to climate change messaging (based on neuroscience)
  • What tone and content to create for environmental messaging
  • How you can make a case for the environment no matter where your target audience lives – regardless of their political leaning

It is time to talk about the environment

We used to tell our clients that talking about climate change was off the table – too polarizing.

However, our latest Pulse research is showing us some surprising trends: beneath Americans’ obvious political divisions, belief in human-caused climate change, and in the power of personal conservation to make a difference, has become fully mainstream. We’re officially putting the environment back on the table – don’t miss our recommendations (and caveats).


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